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kenn lowy


February 2024:

Work on the next album is under way. It will be an instrumental album.

Some short snippets coming soon.

Videos of live performances coming in the spring (2024).

MONSTER, the new album is out now.

Check out the MONSTER page here.

The Numero Group has re-released my first record "You Deserve Better (Than This).

Have a listen here, here and here.

Have you ever been driving in the car with someone who suddenly decides to ignore the map or directions and says, “that looks interesting over there, let's take a left and go see?”

Welcome to the world of kenn lowy. Unlike traditional artists, kenn doesn’t believe in the simplicity of a plain hook driven 3 minute love song. He’s the kind of person to not only throw the directions out the window, he’s the kind of guy to do it just to spark an in-depth conversation about life.

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