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The next CD thing...

The project that was started over a year ago is almost finished. Actually, it was finished a year ago, then covid happened. So I decided to take the time to add a few new songs and re-record another one. This project is a follow up to "Life Comes Rolling In". While the main instruments used are the Chapman Stick and Warr guitar, there's plenty of guitars, vocals and keyboards.

But when is the best time to release something now? When I release new material, I want to go out and perform the new material. But right now, that's clearly not possible. My hope is that sometime later this summer, maybe July or August, things will start opening up again. With a little luck, I'll release it then.

While you're waiting, I will post some rough mixes and demos on bandcamp in the next few months (April, May ...). I'll post the links here.

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